Add an option to check if you already reported/resolved an phishing site

I would like to add an feature in your settings tab that allows you to switch off and on
Basically, what the switch does is that if you’ve already reported/resolved an phishing site, it will warn you if you want to report it again, if you press yes then the user can press “Start takedown” - but if no, it will do nothing.

A good feature to make sure you aren’t reporting a site multiple times.

I agree on this thread. It would be useful for something like that to be implemented. :+1:

As a matter of fact, some hosts did get annoyed when we accidentally sent the ticket twice. :person_shrugging:

Yeah, You’ll be so much more productive instead of putting reported links into databases and then checking the database to make sure you won’t report it multiple times.

I mean, our currently system is basically a notepad file. It does the same thing but worse.

I have an notepad file too.

I’ve just deployed a beta version of this feature :rocket:

From now on, if you’re scanning a URL you already have a case open for, you’ll see a banner giving you a link to the existing case


  • This will only work for cases opened since this latest release, it can’t warn you about your previous cases
  • It’ll only work if your account is enabled for beta testing (which you can now tell because your username in the top right will have this new user icon): New user icon

Ah, I just saw the avatar.

It’s cute.

I have the Beta Tester avatar thingy, but I just wanna know, how do you achieve/get it?

It’s an entirely manual process but roughly it’s given to people:

  • who use Phish Report a lot (it’s no use testing a new feature on someone who only visits once a month)
  • who’ve given good feedback in the past (it’s no use testing a feature on someone who won’t tell you it’s broken!)
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