Ask top registrars/hosting for API/pre-filling forms

Maybe you should got contact some top reported registrars for allowing your service to use private API or somehow pre-fill forms (like e-mail, url, domain, body/reason (screenshot url)).
This will really speed-up reporting.
Same with hosting.

Hmm, Interesting idea.

I am vouching for this idea.

If you represent a cybersecurity entity and submit phishing/fraud reports on a regular basis, it is advised to consider using Namecheap API to optimize and speed up the flow of submitting/processing abuse complaints. In order to proceed with setting up an API reporting system with Namecheap, please contact us via for details.

Also have abuse API, but you need to contact them to get key and docs.
They operate ~200 domain zones.

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Freenom has an AntiSCAM API, I am not sure if it exists however.

Interesting, I’ll check this out. Bradley should also check this out since this is pretty interesting. @bradleyjkemp

Few month ago I tried with Freenom, but no success - didn’t get key.

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They ceased that API it seems, They also got sued by Meta apparently.


The domain name registrar Freenom, whose free domain names have long been a draw for spammers and phishers, has stopped allowing new domain name registrations. The move comes after the Dutch registrar was sued by Meta, which alleges the company ignores abuse complaints about phishing websites while monetizing traffic to those abusive domains

They weren’t so innocent after all, ¯⁠\⁠(⁠◉⁠‿⁠◉⁠)⁠/⁠¯