Auto-closing case after domain suspending

When case is resolved we got e-mail with link to it and asking for case closure.
I think that it is additional clicks and most of us don’t need to do it.
So it will be great for automatic case closure (status resolved) if domain has “suspended” status.

I would like an setting like that too!
Would be nice if it was a setting, just for the people who want it and for the people who don’t want it, could be in hxxps://phish[.]report/user/settings

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We have suggested this some time ago, however we do not think @bradleyjkemp has implemented this yet-

This is now the behaviour :slight_smile: If we detect the domain is suspended we’ll automatically close your case for that URL

Other, future heuristics (e.g. detecting a hosting providers account suspension page) might still require manual case closing though because they’re harder to conclusively detect (i.e. some phishing kits display a fake suspension page to evade analysis)


Amen :pray:

Thank you for that.

Hi! We have a question!
Does this automatically apply to older domain reports as well?

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