Best, lesser-known tools for analysing phishing sites?

Most people know of, VirusTotal, etc. but what are your best lesser-known tools for analysing phishing sites?

I’ve found some great success using a URL fuzzer like scout. Not something you can run on every site (quite slow/invasive) but you can find some real gems :eyes:

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We use Yomi By Yoroi for files, but our team does the URL analysis part manually :c

Virus Total can also be influenced by spam accounts voting the URL as safe.

Huh, wouldn’t have thought it’d be worth the effort of faking Virustotal votes

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Yep, It’s really possible.

We actually have a script that runs thru our List of ours and just downvotes those URL-s and leaves a comment. It’s scarily easy. There is no captcha, There is only a captcha when you want to “Reanalyze a link / file”.

intezer is also a good tool
and hybrid analysis

Yeah, Intezer really restricts you.

15~ checks per month.

[Triage]( can be good, I think?


What are you using file analysis for? Is it judging whether a file is malicious or not, or finding out more about a known-malicious file?

Some fraud websites contain files, if they contain files then we will scan those with

Triage is an amazing tool for file analysis, I strongly recommend it for everyone


I am just a representative of System27, but we mostly recommend it to anyone :person_tipping_hand::sparkles: @IlluminatiFish