Dark Mode, Feature Request

Hey, This is something which everyone wants probably. Our team would prefer to use Dark mode.

There are Chrome extensions which make websites dark mode, but those break the websites sometimes

Can we please get a Dark mode function?

yeah, i want dark mode too. i mean its not really neccessary but everyone that loves customization loves customization, right?

Unfortunately that’s the issue really: supporting dark mode essentially doubles the work of designing new pages/components. For every new page/component that gets added to Phish Report, to work properly, it needs to be styled separately for light-mode and dark-mode.

At the moment, the priority is building out new features for Phish Report and so supporting dark mode would slow this down :disappointed: I’ve had a look at drop-in solutions for the CSS framework we use but unfortunately there’s some immediate bugs with them so dark mode is definitely something we’d need to custom implement

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I’d recommend Dark Reader for an Dark Mode Extension before Dark Mode gets added.

But yeah, it’ll slow down the new features for phish.report, but man, I can’t wait for the new features to get added, I wonder what they are! Hopefully good features that boost productivity, That’ll help alot. (maybe more customization too :wink:)


Thanks for the recommendation, Our team will check it out.