Do my reports to Google and Microsoft go through?

New-ish phish hunter. I noticed that when I go down the list, reporting to all the available authorities, it doesn’t appear to store the Google and Microsoft reports. When I refresh the page, it lists my CloudFlare reports and other providers, but I never see Google or Microsoft there, even though I select them every time. Is it actually submitting reports?

Google only displays the warning messages when Chrome is in “Enhanced Protection” mode. (until a human reviews it)

Microsoft takes a while to actually figure out what’s up with the URL.

Hey! Would it be helpful to show in the timeline when you’ve clicked the Safe Browsing/Microsoft report button? (just like it does currently for e.g. Cloudflare)

@System27_Security is mostly right about the current behaviour: the Safe Browsing report option stays until the site is flagged by Google as malicious, but the Microsoft option is always available


It would be useful, however you should know that submitting a report to Cloudflare is like pulling teeth.


Personally, when it doesn’t show in the timeline, but other services do, it seems like it didn’t work. Keeping the button active also makes sense.

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what do you mean by “pulling teeth”? i’ve never seen it in a sentence like this.

It’s really hard, Filling out the form for reporting abuse takes a really long time and receiving a reply is also no better.

TLDR: It’s inconvenient to submit an Abuse Complaint, (No email address, just the form) and replies are slow. @Iogroi2

ah, i see.

google safe browsing (or microsoft) are way faster and better, i mean, i like never got an reply from cloudflare im pretty sure.

Cloudflare is horrible when it comes to Abuse Complaints.

We have not received any reply from them either.

google or microsoft actually suspended alot of “free robux websites” that i reported

cloudflare just slept even when it was daytime

this is bad since scam/phishing websites sometimes have cloudflare

Yeah, We actually reached out to them via Telephone once.

However, The representative on the phone says to use the form and just wait.
However, You should know that Google is not suspending those domains. They are just marking them as Dangerous.

Some ISP-s / server providers are really bad when it comes to Abuse Complaints.

wait, what is the difference on the timeline it said:

flagged as malicious
domain suspended

so you mean the flag is marking them as dangerous, and the suspension i mean… just deletes the websites?

Flagged as Malicious means that the domains has been Flagged by either Google or Microsoft.

^^^^^ That happens if the domain gets flagged as Malicious.

Domain suspended means that the Domain Registrar suspended the domain and basically made the phishing website useless. (This is the ideal solution)

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ah i see, i’ve seen that screen

i’ve mostly got domain suspended on scam websites, not flagged as malicious

however, there was one time a site got flagged as malicious, but i dont remember which and im not sure but i think after some time it got suspended too

ps: also, why did you blur out the domain? because of safety reasons?

We mostly get the domains flagged as malicious first, before the Domain registrar has an opportunity to reply to our abuse complaint.

alright, thats cool

but have you also seen dynadot? they’re better than cloudflare, they reply but dont suspend the site when i sent them a report

they sent me a email, but i think i deleted it (since i want my emails not filled)

i dont remember exactly what they said

Someone in our team mentioned it, however I have no clue about it right now.

I don’t remember really.

But yeah, your reports go through when reporting to Google or Microsoft.
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