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Heya, This is kinda of an off topic question.
We are just going to leave this to be relatively short.

TLDR; We are sending out a large amount of Phishing Report emails in a short time and our current provider has been getting quite cranky.

We have the ability and infrastructure to self host our own email server, but we may check out other providers who specialize in email servers.

Any suggestions? Also, Let me know if this post is worded weird, it was basically written with 0 energy.

Email deliverability (your emails getting through, not just getting swallowed by spam filters) is very difficult if you host your own email server.

Cloud Email Service — Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) — Amazon Web Services is a decent option. Or of course there’s SendGrid, Mailgun, etc. that all offer sending emails for ~0.2¢ each

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I have passed this along to our team, who will do an A/B testing on the emails.

A = Our own email server

B = Amazon Email

Just in case your mails are marked as spam - you need to use URL defanging.
Simple and work - just replace last “.” in domain to “[.]”. Example: >

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I know that.
You can also add this:


Instead, use this:


See the difference?
If not, let me tell you - you replace the t’s with x’s.

We don’t get marked for spam on any of our systems (Our own email server and Amazon SES), Thankfully.

We already use URL defanging.