Feature request - opt-out reporting to Netcraft

It will be nice to add switch for turning off reporting to Netcraft for some users.
For example, I use their API and got results to e-mail, so there is no need to duplicate reports.

There is an beta feature that’s rolling out where it will warn you that you have an case already open.
This could be an feature, but that would just waste time as theres an feature that warns you about the case being opened/resolved.

This feature will only apply to new cases after the beta release (beta tester) or release (normal user) of the feature.

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I mean already reported to Netcraft via their API directly from user and then to phish.report.
phish.report can’t check others reports to Netcraft (without UUID), only can get “rejected” status.

Then maybe you could only report it to phish.report as it reports it to Netcraft too?

Any replies are appreciated.

Then I will not receive notifications to e-mail about status that need to create issue (~half of reports need to create issue).
And prizes :slight_smile:

Hmm, got another idea - phish.report can paste reporter e-mail to “email” API field instead of “anonymous@phish.report”. For me - Netcraft says that my account is more trusted for reports, related to my country.

And add “country” field as sometimes it needed. This also can helps.


In our experience, That beta function works beautifully now.

Yeah, that could be an good feature if you select to send reports to netcraft from your e-mail.
However, it will need access to your google account so it can send e-mails.

That could be a bit corcerning for people about their security, but it is possible as I have seen something like this. Mine (company) does this.

No need to Google acc. Report sends via API, not mail. Just change email field to users.

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