Improve mailing

Do you know sometimes when you press the “Report” button it brings you a website that uses HTML mailto?

Well, when you use HTML mailto, it opens Microsoft Mail;

The problem is, some people just dont have Microsoft Mail - or they dont wanna set it up

I would like the HTML mailto kept for users who have Microsoft Mail, but for the people who don’t - keep the website and tell them the e-mail on the website they should use for e-mailing

We use Thunderbird, however we are looking forward to switch to Outlook.

You can actually customize that option, if someone dosen’t have Windows mail then it will open the default email app (or asks you to select an app).

No, look, I just wanna use my regular e-mail at

Its time-consuming to find the e-mail address for the companies that you can report to

I don’t use any “Mail” app

I mean, technically it can or could be integrated to open a Gmail message composer.

However, People would need to select if they want to use Gmail or their default email app on their PC.

So is there a solution to get the e-mail for the company without doing hours of research?


you press the “report” button, it opens a window but the website doesnt close that window for the future - then, the website uses html mailto, for the people who dont have the mail app connected to gmail, outlook, etc, and they dont want to set it up, they can close the mail app window and in that website there will be an email address linking to the company

hopefully you understood what i said

Why don’t you want to set up your browser so that mailto: links open in Gmail? I think that’s the best solution here: it’ll save you time (as the email will be templated for you) and it doesn’t add any extra UI complexity to the Phish Report case page

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wait, that exists? how do i set it up so it’ll open in

Some instructions here (depends on your browser)

I wish they’d make it more obvious…


finally! this is so much better, thank you

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