Just had the most wonderful laughing stock

Hey all, We just had the most wonderful laugh because of a site.

TLDR: Scammer forgot to pay their invoice for the webhosting plan they have at reg.ru and reg.ru basically just suspended the site.

We were laughing at this image for 5 minutes, non joke.

Google Translate translated:

Site temporarily suspended

  • Site hosting is temporarily suspended
  • If you are the owner of this resource, then to resume the site you need to extend the service hosting

Fun fact: We sent an abuse complaint against this and reg.ru was so confused on how we are submitting a complaint against a domain that’s suspended for non payment. :rofl:

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Dumbest scammers of all time list:

Scammer that said the website was malicious
NEW: Scammer that didn’t pay for the website hosting

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At this point, They might aswell buy a domain named scamwebsite.xyz and just say that the website is legit. Yet, People will fall for it. It’s astonishing.

I see that a lot. Maybe they use stolen credit card details.


As we predicted, It’s an interesting thing that almost every phishing domain database was hosted on ZeroHost and Reg.ru, Maybe they need to have properly KYC checks to ensure that people don’t pay with a stolen credit card? I don’t like KYC checks, neither does our team since it makes the user give up on their privacy. HOWEVER, In these circumstances where a provider is regularly abused to this extent, they should definitely implement some KYC.

No, they pay for site. Read next text - it means “if suspending was because you violated ToS (or contract)… you have to contact support”.

And yes, this registrar suspending domains, but in <14 days.

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Yeah, We realized that.
Google Translate was a bit off when translating the Russian text.