LevelUpRewards: Give us your money and your personal info and we'll give you one cent back!

I see these EVERYWHERE.
Literally. I’m not joking, every site I report has LevelUpRewards.

They’re crazy.
They ask you for your E-Mail address, and personal info such as:

  • Full name
  • Residence
  • Phone number
  • Other crazy stuff

Then they want you to do optional offers, and then complete deals that probably grab your wallet and then dissapear.

If you want to visit their website and see how it’s like, go here.
But be careful to not compromise any personal info.

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Thanks for sharing this site, @Iogroi2. I’ll just chime in on this topic and just share my personal knowledge.

This form of fraud can be classified as “ADVANCE FEE SCAM / 419”. It is typically targeting consumers with the promise of giving them a gift or money in return for a small fee. (Often stated as a processing fee or Shipping Fee)

“UpLevelRewards” and “The Reward Wizard” use the consumer to gather opinions about certain companies (Data Gathered in this matter is usually passed on, or sold to third parties. The consumer consents to receiving SMS and Marketing calls, and also consents to Personal Data Collection as stated in the terms of service of those 2 companies) in the first part of the scam. The next part of the scam will require the customer to purchase certain “deals” from a third party which will earn UpLevelRewards commission on those “deals” sold. This is the part that may be classified as “ADVANCE FEE SCAM / 419”. **Once the customer has finished purchasing the necessary deals to unlock their prize,The company usually doesn’t provide the prize that was advertised. Instead provides an Electronic Gift card for 25$ which is more than the amount of money, that the consumer has paid for the deals. The company may not even provide the customer a reward if they feel like it as per our view on the topic.

Most commonly, these UpLevelRewards surveys are located on Websites targeting popular gaming platforms, such as Roblox. I have attached a video below that shows this in more details. (Credit to NTTS on YouTube)

We have included the resources, that may you can use to educate your friends or family to protect themselves in this matter.

Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

Spread the knowledge, don’t let anyone get scammed. No one deserves to be a victim of fraud. Everyone deserves a safe internet.

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That dude is a savage.
I thought people were gonna stop at that point where the “Deals” are but no, this guy went through it all.

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Yeah, they’re everywhere on ROBLOX.
No matter what.

Oh no no, He isn’t done yet.

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