RU-Center not suspending domains (again)

Hi everyone, This is another thread in regards to RU-Center.

We routinely report Abuse to RU-Center. however, their responses are not desirable.
We reported a domain to them, They replied saying that they have suspended the domain.

The website on the domain still works.

I’ll attach the reply sent by RU-Center.

Dear Sir or Madam,

  We have taken actions according to our ToS/AUP.
   Thank you for notification.

  Best regards,

It seems they will have a polite conversation with ICANN Contractual Compliance again.
On the other hand, please check that domain are actually blocked by RU-Center. This is getting seriously annoying. Ru-Center’s policies are starting to resemble Cloudflare’s policies.


Literally every worst registrar ever list:


They have a friendly ICANN complaint coming their way :slight_smile: