Unresponsive Domain Provider (RU-Center)

Hey, we have a boatload of spam/phishing domains that have already been investigated.

20% of these domains are from a company with the name “RU-Center”.
Unfortunately, getting a useful response from “RU-Center” in regards to phishing domains is almost impossible. Every time we get the same answer.

“File a complaint with the local Russian prosecutor’s office”.

We are quite annoyed at this, Many of the domain registrars which are located inside Russia, actually suspend the domains at the first request.

Anyone have any other experience?

Yeah this is an unfortunate reality. Some registrar and hosting provider’s unresponsiveness to abuse reports is their selling point.

There’s not anything you can really do to speed up their response, at best we could flag unresponsive providers in the Phish Report UI so you know it’s not worth your time following up with them?

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Yeah, This is an unfortunate reality.

However, We could technically go after them with ICANN. As this in theory violates the “Accredited Registar Agreement” :person_shrugging:
Submitting a Complaint to ICANN Contractual Compliance - ICANN

Do notify me @System27_Security if you get any response from ICANN, I know several independent researchers that have received minimal action on RU-CENTER


Sure! I’ll notify you here.

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@IlluminatiFish Okay, ICANN told our team that the domain has been suspended upon ICANN’s request.

TLDR: RU-Center will suspend the domain if you submit a complaint through ICANN
ICANN - Submit a Report