Using screenshot / its URL

I was thinking for getting site screenshot via API or dirty get it from case page, but got better idea.

  1. Netcraft status checking and auto-open issue if their status is not Malicious (color button) and domain/hosting still not suspended. We need screenshot to open issue. When via API - base64:

echo -n "data:image/png;base64,$(curl -s -o - | base64 | tr -d '\r\n')" > output_image.txt

Cons: sometimes screenshot is just CF page. But maybe near Netcraft colored button add new - report issue and let user to decide.

  1. In mail templates. Just add urlscan.png link as plaintext in body.
    Cons: sometimes user have to delete it manually.

Maybe it’s possible to add it to some registrar reporting form or API in future. Also maybe Google Safebrowsing, but I can’t see how to fill second field.