VPN-s + Captcha = Mess

Hey, This is kinda of a running joke in our team.

We are connected to a VPN for most of our time sending the abuse reports.
Many providers cough, cough GoDaddy, and Google want you to Solve a ReCaptcha.

We understand that websites want to protect their Abuse Complaince teams from spam, but come on.
We are forced to use captcha solving browser extensions (IE: NopeCHA) and we are also required to rotate the VPN server IP address every 45 minutes, just to make the Google ReCaptcha not be so “annoyed” with us

If anyone has any more ideas on how to potentially make Google ReCaptcha less “annoyed at us” share your suggestions in the comments below in this thread.

Out of interest, why?

It’s mostly just a safety policy.

Report Cloud is not connected to a VPN, however it does get the captchas regularly as Report Cloud instances are inside Data centers.

Instances which are outside of Report Cloud, don’t get captchas as they are connected to our office networking. However, Those instances need to be connected to a VPN to ensure that Humans don’t accidentally open the malicious links. (They can check the links manually if needed, however they are behind a security wall when they are connected to the VPN, however they need to press “Disable Network Security temporarily” if they want to actually be able to manually check the URL-s) Most URL-s which are reported by us, indeed get checked by Humans.

It’s not really a clear policy, however we are actually thinking of getting rid of that Security Policy.

On the other hand, Sorry for writing the entire holy bible as the explaination.

Could you try to switch your VPN location somewhere else? If yes, then switch it to Czechia/Czech Republic, I dont get captchas there. It could slow down the ping though.

You are a genius dude, God speed to you. :pray: :heart: :sparkles:

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