Zero Host & "AbuseResistant" providers

Hey all, This a question which our team has been wondering about.

How can we actually get an “Abuse Resistant” or “NOAbuseComplaint” provider to actually do something. We have some experience with ZeroHost, in the regard where they are not really doing anything to stop the abuse happening on their services.

Does anyone have any tips & tricks for doing this?

That’s their selling point unfortunately :disappointed:

In these cases hopefully the registrar is more helpful? (or vice versa)

I’m sad to say this but I don’t think so.

We don’t own Hosting Providers/Registrars, so we can’t manage anything that they’re doing.

Also is ZeroHost an Registrar or an Hosting Provider? I wanna know.

And one more thing, what do you mean by “Abuse Resistant” or “NOAbuseComplaint”?

Zero Host seems to be a server provider,

TLDR: Abuse Resistant means that any abuse complain which is raised against the server is basically either ignored, or thrown out.

In many cases, yes.

However, we have observed websites that host their spam content on ZeroHost and buy the domain from Ru-Center. (Spoiler: They stopped ignoring the abuse complaints again.) Ru-Center is very infamous for just ignoring the Abuse Complaints.

FYI: We are currently making another complain with ICANN against, RU-Center.

I’ve sent a phishing report to Ru-Center and they actually replied to me one day later.

Dear Sir or Madam,
We have taken actions according to our ToS/AUP.
Thank you for notification.

Best regards,

Unfortunately, the website is still up almost a week later and nothing indicates that any action has been taken. Seems like they are now replying to reports, but still doing nothing about it in reality.

Hi! Welcome to the community.

Thanks for reporting this, In these cases you can file a complaint with ICANN, or just give them a firm response (TLDR: Threaten them with ICANN)

You can file a complaint here:Compliance

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Hey there, and thanks for the welcome and the information :slight_smile: I’ll threaten them with an ICANN compliance complaint and see what happens.

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Our team has threatened them with ICANN, once.
They took down the reported domains.

We are working on a template for reports to ICANN, that members of this forum can use.

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I’m not really sure what you mean by “Threaten them with ICANN”.
I know there’s a link to a report abuse thing but I just want to make sure.

That is what we mean, Threaten them with ICANN Contract Compliance.

So I’m supposed to go to the website, and then put the information they want?

1, Go to ICANN’s website for complaince and fill out the form stating that the registarar is uncooperative and is unresponsive. Our team is making a template message which you can send to ICANN in these cases.


I’ll threaten them with an ICANN compliance complaint and see what happens.

Update: A bit less than two days after sending the email threatening with an ICANN compliance complaint, the domain was suspended. Thanks @System27_Security for the hint!

You’re welcome :hugs:

Feel free to spread this information.

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Beware! If you encounter the host “ON-LINE-DATA Server location - Netherlands, Dronten, NL”, it seems like abuse requests are directly forwarded to the client, in this case probably the scammer.

I don’t think sending reports there makes sense. If you want to send a report anyway, make sure not to compromise your personal data!



Interesting, I’ll forward this our team.