Add new services to report


Please add new services to report phishing websites.

  1. AdGuard (Popular adblock with their own antiphishing database)

How to reach to them:

Or submit request here github_com/AdguardTeam/AdguardFilters/issues

Important information!
Don’t send plenty of messages to their email, you could be shadow banned. Group reports (accumulate some reports and send them at once). 3 mails per day is good. If you need more - use different sending emails or add bot to publish issues on their GitHub (here’s github_com/AdguardTeam/AdguardFilters/issues/167221 example of such issue)

  1. phishtank_org. To help you create your account please text developers here lists_phishtank_com/mailman/listinfo/phishtank-developers or here phishtank_org/contact.php. You will need to provide information about your project and they likely allow you to create an account.

  2. phishstats_info. More information about how to use it github_com/eschultze/phishstats-api-network

  3. Phishing.Database github_com/mitchellkrogza/Phishing.Database). All information how to add domain available here github_com/mitchellkrogza/Phishing.Database#additions)

  4. reportphishing_net. Website alive (some troubles with cert if opening through https). All information on main page

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Would love to get some integrations with more providers but unfortunately the ones you’ve mentioned aren’t feasible:

AdGuard (or other solution based on a GitHub repo) is too slow/manual to handle Phish Report’s volume of detected phishing sites. The partners we’ve got consume our feed automatically via an API.

PhishTank is pretty much dead. New users haven’t been able to register for many years now.

We are working on private/invite-only partnerships though

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