Changing the ui

Is there any way to get the old ui back, there is a new one and imo it doesnt look the best, is there any way to get the old one back?

Any particular feedback on the new UI vs the old one?

I can temporarily move you back to the old one, but it’ll be going away at some point in future so hopefully we can make this new UI better for you

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Hey, thanks for the response. I would highly appreciate if you could do that.

For the feedback, i think the icons looked really nice by the company name. i also liked how it just said report instead of open abuse report, send email etc, the mark as resolved/close case button would also look nice by the url you are reporting imo.

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would also like to give some feedback. I definitely agree about the icons part, it looked much nicer.
Something i found quite useful on the old UI which i’d like seeing in this new version is the full URL the phishing page you’re reporting (i’ve attached a screenshot of it below); it makes it a lot easier to copy the specific URL instead of just having the domain.
Also seen that reporting to Microsoft has been removed. I personally prefer it over Google Safe browsing.
That’s all.
Thanks and have a nice day!