Fancy Phishing Site 😂

Apparently this phishing site has a functional live chat with a help advisor, I show it because I find it funny.

(It is very rare for these scams to have functional live chats.)


[At the end they block my IP from livechat].



Wow, faster live chat responses than most legit websites!

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We notified regarding this website. On the other hand, It was fun messing with these people. :smiling_imp:

John is support on many other scam sites


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Detected another one: hxxps://livetesla [ot] pro

Notified Smartsupp.

Have noticed a big tesla/elon keyword uptick in the NRDs. Cloud login is gaining much more traction too.

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Interesting observations,

We may have found something with @nck. We may have found a site that uses some sort of blocking technique. It’s similar to the Cloudflare “You are blocked page”. It’s trying to look like Cloudflare’s captcha screen.

^^ This how the fake “Cloudflare” captcha screen looks, It uses VPN IP address blocking as per our best guess. The website uses a core named “CryptoCore” The funny part about this situation is that System27 Systera can bypass the VPN IP block.

If we find something more interesting, I’ll update this comment or may make a dedicated post to it.


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Huh very interesting. Looks like some sort of phishing as a service?

Can’t find and commentary/analysis on this kit though :thinking:

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Looks like it. We’ll check it out more.